Tricho Treatment

Most people associate hair loss to men only, but this can be far from the truth. Millions of women around the world are also suffering from some form of hair loss too and their number is rising each year.

One cause is a hereditary condition call Androgenetic Alopecia or female pattern hair loss. All women have some male hormone testosterone in their bodies. With Androgenetic Alopecia, they are more sensitive to the hormone and experience thinning of hair all over the head, developing thinning patches similar to male-pattern hair loss.

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Hair Weaving

Hair weaving is a treatment that provides clients with the look and feel of longer or thicker hair. At Regain, we custom made the hair weave to suit each individual client and use only 100% human hair.  This is woven into our client’s natural hair for the most natural look and feel. Since each client has different requirements and needs, we will first take the measurement according to the baldness area of each of them. We then take their hair samples to customize the weave model.  Our clients can also choose the hair style, hair texture and the colour they so desire.

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Hair Wigs

At Regain, we carry only the best-quality wigs from the most reputable wig manufacturers! Our wigs are lightweight with natural appearance and styling versatility. Besides our large variety of lengths, texture and full range of colours, we can also help you customized one.

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