Our Happy Clients

“I started losing hair at the age of 25. Within months, a bald patch began to show at the back of my head. That made me felt uneasy meeting with people, be it at work or out socializing. My self-confidence was low and I felt miserable.

A friend then advised me to speak, at no obligation, with a qualified hair care consultant at Regain. After analyzing my hair loss pattern, I was given a recommendation on how I could address the problem.  Within days of consideration, I decided to sign-up for a hair restoration program after a detail discussion with my hair care consultant at Regain.

I must say I was greatly impressed with the results. Since then, my self-esteem has improved tremendously! Thanks to Regain.  Regain has certainly offered me the right solution for my hair loss problem. If you’re facing the same problem like I used to, take action now. Let Regain help you regain your crowning glory.”

Michael Tan

Systems Analyst

“Thanks to my consultant at Regain, I am now more confident. One cannot imagine how low my self-esteem was because of my hair loss problems. With my new found confidence, I now dress better and feel better. I highly recommend Regain to anyone who has any hair related problems.”

Susan Lim

Copy Writer

“The consultants at Regain are extremely patience to answer and attend to my questions relating to my hair care needs.  I have been a client with Regain for the last 12 years.  I am extremely glad I have signed with Regain and I have never looked back since.  I could now swim and engage in outdoor sports like I used to be many years ago without having to worry about losing my hair piece.  Regain has indeed regained my confidence.  Thanks Regain.”

Jonathan Lam

Legal Profession